Changing of the guards

Changing of the guards



Prague Castle, Prague 1

Opening Hours

The ceremonial Changing of the Guard including a fanfare and the flag ceremony: 
Daily at 12.00 in the first courtyard 

The Changing by the Castle gates: on the houre from 7.00 to 20.00 in the summer season on the houre from 7.00 to 18.00 in the winter season

Presidential guards guard the three main entrances to the Prague Castle. The guards are members of a special army division, which serves directly the president of the Czech Republic. The division was founded in 1918 and its members are carefully chosen from the Czech army under many criteria: all candidates must be members of the professional Czech army, which means that they have to have good health and be in an excellent physical condition, they also have to have a certain height and cannot be overweight, furthermore bodily decoration (piercing, tattoos or a moustache and beard) are forbidden, they have to keep a clear hair cut, cannot wear glasses etc. This division has 660 members and their duty is to secure the safety of the president as well of the whole country. Some members of the division stand at the gates of the Castle from where they are being exchanges every hour in a specially trained ceremony. At noon the ceremony is longer and contains a parade with music. The members of the castle guards can be also seen walking though the castle grounds and looking after the security of the visitors, and watch over events taking place in the castle.

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